ICWM Series Advanced Single Jet Technology Water Meters

Advanced Single-Jet Technology Water Meters

Rain Bird’s ICWM Series of Water Meters are engineered to measure water use with sustained accuracy at both high and low flow rates.  ICWM uses a  single measuring element that can record flows that are 10 times lower than other types of water meters, such as displacement, traditional turbine and multi-jet.


  • 5-year data plan works anywhere the Verizon wireless network reaches, avoiding costs of network integration.
  • Digital register with web interface for water usage data collection and analysis, including monthly water budgeting and over-usage alerts.
  • Extreme low-flow accuracy starting 0.1 gpm to easily identify leaks.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Lead-free NSF61 compliant.
  • Low flow, backflow, and high usage reports and alerts.
  • 5-year data service plan + 5-year warranty included.
  • Compact design for tight installations with no upstream or downstream straight pipe requirements.
  • Single moving element and no strainer requirement for low maintenance.
  • Brass body for durable, long-lasting performance.
  • Unaffected by sand or small debris in line.
  • High resistance to freezing.
  • 100% submersible for flexible usage.
  • ICWM075S durable composite plastic model also available with for long-lasting, maintenance-free life


  • FM Approved (ICWM600S).
  • NSF Standard 61 Compliant.
  • AWWA C712 Standard.



  • ICWM075S: 5/8" with 1" NPSM end connection
  • ICWM100S: 1" with 1.25" NPSM end connection
  • ICWM150S: 1.5" with flange end connection
  • ICWM200S: 2" with flange end connection
  • ICWM300S: 3" with flange end connection
  • ICWM400S: 4" with flange end connection
  • ICWM600S: 6" with flange end connection
  • ICWMREG: Universal Register Only

Notes: Spool connections are available to adjust lay length.

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