1800-PRS Series Spray Heads

4", 6", 12" (10.2 cm, 15.2 cm, 30.5 cm)

When the pressure’s on, save water and money with Rain Bird® 1800® Series Sprays featuring PRS with Flow Optimizer™ technology. These Spray Heads are ideal for use in areas with high and/or widely fluctuating water pressures. The patented PRS pressure regulator built into the stem can help you save approximately one gallon per minute per spray. It also helps to end misting and fogging caused by excessively high water pressure.

Trusted for over 30 years, 1800 Series Spray Heads have provided unmatched durability, reliability, and performance. Superior components and features make the 1800 Series Spray Head the spray head of choice for a wide variety of applications.


  • Maintains constant outlet pressure at 30 psi (2.1 bar).
  • PRS pressure regulator built into the stem simplifies system design.
  • Eliminates misting and fogging caused by high pressure.
  • Saves time and money

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  • SAM capability: holds up to 14 feet (4.2 m) of head; 6 psi (0.4 bar)
  • PRS models regulate nozzle pressure to an average 30 or 45 psi (2.1 or 3.1 bar) with inlet pressures of up to 70 psi (4.8 bar)
  • Flow-by: 0 gpm at 8 psi (0.6 bar) or greater; 0.10 gpm (0.02 m3/h; 0.36 l/m) otherwise
  • Installation: side or bottom inlet
  • Side inlet installation  not recommended in freezing climates
  • Five-Year Trade Warranty

1800-PRS Models

  • 1804-PRS:  4" pop-up height (10.2 cm)
  • 1806-PRS:  6" pop-up height (15.2 cm)
  • 1812-PRS:  12" pop-up height (30.5 cm)

Operating Range

  • Spacing:  2.5 to 24 feet (0.8 to 7.3m)*
  • Pressure:  15 to 70 psi (1.0 to 4.8 bar)

* 2.5 to 18 feet with standard Rain Bird Spray Head Nozzles (SQ, MPR, VAN, U-Series); 13 to 24 feet with Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles