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Estimated Water and Cost Savings Using Rain Bird® U-Series Nozzles

Use 30% Less Water *

You can confidently expect that when you install patented U-Series nozzles from Rain Bird, the result will be the most uniform water distribution available for spray heads. This is the only plastic nozzle with a dual-orifice design that efficiently delivers superior close-in watering and even water distribution across the entire radius range.

Enter the information from your system below and see how much water you can save:

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Calculate your estimated water savings:
Step 1: Enter the watering time: minutes/week
Step 2: Enter the number of watering weeks: weeks/year
Step 3: Enter the spray zone flow at 2,1 for all nozzles in the system or zone: cubic meter per hour (m3/h)

  Estimated water savings: m3 per year


Calculate your estimated water savings:
Step 1: Enter the estimated water savings from above:   m3 per year
Step 2: Enter the unit water cost: $ or other per cubic meter m3
Step 3: Enter the difference in cost between standard and U-Series nozzles: $ or other per nozzle
Step 4: Enter the number of nozzles in the system or zone (Be consistent with your entry for Step 3.):   nozzles

  Estimated cost savings: $ or other per year*

Added one-time cost:

$ or other  
  Payback period (break even):   months

*When U-Series dual orifice nozzles are installed instead of standard nozzles on every spray head in the zone. Results may vary based on site-specific conditions such as sprinkler spacing, wind, temperature, soil and grass type.

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