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8005 Sod Cup Kit

Rotor Accessories

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The 8005 Sod Cup Kit allows users to grow turf on the cap of Rain Bird 8005 Series rotors.

This allows for a nearly invisible installation for applications such as sportsfields.

The rugged construction of the 8005 Sod Cup Kit provides maximum durability while maintaining maximum player safety.





  • Five year trade warranty.
  • Covers rotor cap with turf for an “invisible” installation.
  • Simple installation, snaps together without any special tools.
  • Rubber construction for maximum player safety.
  • Two piece design:
    • Outer cup prevents debris intrusion during operation.
    • Inner cup provides concealed turf growing area.
  • Integral pull up slot.
  • Easy arc adjustment after installation through inner cup.
  • Drain holes to promote healthy turf growth.

Sod Cup Kit
Rotor Accessory

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  • Outer Cup Outside Diameter: 3.9 in (9,9 cm)
  • Inner Cup Outside Diameter: 3.4 in (8,6 cm)
  • Outer Cup Height: 4.3 in (10,9 cm)
  • Inner Cup Height: 2.7 in (6,9 cm)
  • Overall Height of 8005 with Sod Cup Kit installed: 12.6 in (32,0 cm)