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LC Series Light Commercial Pump Station

3/4 to 3 hp; up to 145 head feet

The LC Series by Rain Bird is a revolutionary complete pump package that includes a professional-grade pump, the highest quality pump protection and simple to install and operate fixtures all housed in a unique enclosure designed specifically for a pump. With this complete solution, the days of retro fitting non-compatible parts together and housing them in a makeshift enclosure are over. Only Rain Bird is able to provide totally integrated irrigation solutions that dependably delivers healthy, beautiful landscapes while lowering utility costs, saving time and minimizing maintenance.

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  • Complete pump station
  • Pump options available at 3/4hp, 1hp, 1.5hp, 2hp, and 3hp.
    Up to 145 head feet
  • Quick disconnecting of: Discharge and Suction line Power cord
  • Powder coated steel enclosure
  • Start Relay (PSRP) included
  • Cooling louvres included
  • Discharge options through:
    - Bottom of enclosure
    - Side of enclosure
  • Rain Bird Pump Station Customer Satisfaction Policy/Trade Warranty


  • Suction lift or boost
  • Potable or reclaimed water supply
  • Residential, Light Commercial, Parks & Recreational


  • LC750 Rain Bird LC Series 3/4 hp, 1 ph, 1-1/2" discharge -2" suction
  • LC1000 Rain Bird LC Series 1 hp, 1 ph, 1-1/2" discharge -2" suction
  • LC1500 Rain Bird LC Series 1 1/2 hp, 1 ph, 1-1/2" discharge -2" suction
  • LC2000 Rain Bird LC Series 2 hp, 1 ph, 1-1/2" discharge -2" suction
  • LC3000 Rain Bird LC Series 3 hp, 1 ph, 1-1/2" discharge -2" suction

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UL Listed Internal Components

  • Power Relay
  • Electrical Rating: 240V – 28 FLA
  • Largest Motor: 240V – 3 hp
  • Short Circuit Rating: 240V – 5kA
  • Control voltage required: 24V
  • 230 volt main power plug for safety and service ability and convenience
  • PSRP for Shut-down protection. Provides protection if pump experiences loss of pressure or High temperature situations. The PSR-P is housed in a powder coated steel enclosure.
  • Inrush/run: 950mA/360mA
  • Cube Relay: 24VAC Coil, 60 Hz, 10A resistive


  • UL Listed
  • Nema 3R
  • Powder-coated steel

Pump Dimensions

  • 34" x 25" x 20“ (W x H x D)

Pump Weights

  • LC750: 170 lbs
  • LC1000: 175 lbs
  • LC1500: 175 lbs
  • LC2000: 185 lbs
  • LC3000: 200 lbs

* National electrical code (nec) states all motors will be thermally protected from excessive “amperage draw.” Most motors under 2 hp are supplied with thermal protection from the motor manufacturer. For motors over 2 hp, codecompliant Rain Bird psrB pump protection is recommended.

NOTE: Circuit breakers are never classified as motor protection.

NOTE: Check with your local health department for regulations and requirements for backflow prevention.