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XF Series Insertion Tool

Dripline, Tubing & Distribution Components

Rain Bird’s XF Insertion Tool assists you with installing XF Fittings in less time and with less effort. Installing fittings can be a grueling task at any job site. Not to worry, there’s help. Introducing Rain Bird’s new XF Insertion tool. Your hands will thank you.

Rain Bird XF Insertion Tool for 17mm insert fittings


  • 50% less effort required to install fittings than without a tool*
  • Firmly locks fittings into place while inserting the Dripline
  • Tool helps widen the dripline opening to make the fitting insertion easier
  • Solid grip and comfortable fit in hand
  • Three-year trade warranty.

* Contractor survey, October 10, 2011

The XF Insertion Tool works with the following XF Fittings:





XF Insertion Tool