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Quick-Check Basket Filter

Control Zone Components

Rain Bird offers a complete family of filtration products to meet a wide variety of needs. The Quick-Check Basket Filter can be used in both residential and light commercial applications.

Reduce hours of maintenance time by installing this innovative filter that tells you when it needs to be cleaned. During regular operation, the Quick-Check indicator bubble remains a vibrant green. When debris accumulates to a level where significant pressure loss occurs, the indicator bubble switches to bright red and the filter needs to be cleaned.

Reduces Ongoing Maintenance Cost

Save labor time with the simple-to-check indicator bubble. The indicator bubble helps to ensure the filter will be cleaned when needed.

Easy Maintenance

The indicator bubble and cap offer “jar top” convenience for easy access and high visibility. The filter’s recessed basket design allows for easy access to the filter element and prevents debris from entering the line during cleaning.

Improves System Reliability

The Basket Filter body is made from impact resistant glass-filled polypropylene, the cap is made of glass-filled nylon with a UV tested polyurethane indicator window and the filter elements are all stainless steel.


  • A clear indicator top that goes from green to red when the filter is full, telling you when to clean the filter. This reduces maintenance and takes the guess work out of cleaning the filter.
  • Threaded top makes it easy to remove and clean the stainless steel element
  • “No Spill” feature ensures that the dirt and debris does not fall out of the basket filter element when you remove it for cleaning.
  • Rugged design incorporates four Buna N o-rings for leak-free performance and is rated up to 150 psi.
  • Three-year trade warranty.

3/4” Inlet/Outlet

1” Inlet/Outlet


100 mesh stainless steel screen,

200 mesh stainless steel screen,


Quick-check Basket Filter O-ring Kit contains 5-body and 5-cap O-rings


Pressure Loss Characteristics - QKCHK-075
Flow Rate (gpm) 200/150 mesh (psi)
0.20 0.0
2.00 0.0
4.00 0.1
6.0 0.4
8.0 0.9
10.0 1.3
12.0 2.0

Flow Rate (l/hr) 75/100 micron screen (bar)
0.8 0.00
7.6 0.00
15.1 0.01
22.7 0.03
30.3 0.06
37.9 0.09
45.4 0.14


Pressure Loss Characteristics - QKCHK-100
Flow Rate (gpm) 200/150 mesh (psi)
3.0 0.0
5.0 0.0
7.0 0.4
9.0 0.7
11.0 1.1
14.0 1.6
17.0 2.3
20.0 3.2

Flow Rate (l/hr) 75/100 micron screen (bar)
11.4 0.01
18.9 0.01
16.5 0.03
34.1 0.05
41.6 0.08
53.0 0.11
64.4 0.16
75.7 0.22