IQ™ v. 2.0

Multi-Site Central Control System

The Rain Bird IQ Irrigation Central Control System provides cost-effective, multiple-site centralized irrigation control from a single computer. IQ empowers the Landscape Maintenance Contractor, Property Manager, or Irrigation Water Manager to monitor and control irrigation operation at multiple remote sites.

IQ communication capabilities virtually eliminate the need to travel to remote sites to make programming changes or adjustments.  Manual operation and programming functions that were performed only at the site irrigation controller can now be done from the IQ central computer.


The IQ Central Control System can be utilized for a variety of applications, ranging from residential to commercial. Modular components allow the system to grow with your needs, eliminating the installation of multiple enclosures and extra external wiring connections.

IQ Software

Insert the IQ CD and it starts automatically, installing IQ Central Control on your Windows® PC. A Quick Start guide walks you through the simple steps to activate and configure your software.

IQ software incorporates an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface with water saving features like ET, Seasonal Adjust, and Cycle+Soak™. Buttons for common tasks are located on the home screen.  


Multiple communication options allow wired or wireless connections between the IQ central computer and its satellite controllers.  IQ software uses your computer’s phone modem or communication port to synchronize computer-generated programs with your satellite controllers.  Logs are also retrieved during synchronization to report system activity and status.

Central Software Features

  • User-defined sites (groups of satellite controllers with common adjustments).
  • All ESP-LX Modular stand-alone controller features.
  • Group site adjustments (auto/off, seasonal adjust% or ET).
  • Program review with projected start and end time calculations.
  • Dry-Run program review screen with water window warnings, maximum flow, and total water usage indicators graphically displays your programming.
  • View site logs and alarms on screen or in printed reports.

Software Water Management Features

  • Station run times in seconds, minutes, and hours.
  • Cycle+Soak™ by station.
  • Program adjust % by program.
  • Daily seasonal adjust %.
  • Monthly seasonal adjust % automatically adjusts station runtimes for each month.
  • Daily ET adjustments.
  • Monthly ET adjustments —automatically adjusts station runtime for each month.
  • Programmable rain delay and calendar day off.
  • Programmable delay between stations by program.

Software Manual Operation Features

  • Real-time Satellite activity status.
  • Manual station start, program start, advance, and cancel.
  • Variable test program.
  • RASTERTM (RApid Station TEst Routine) provides station output test to detect and diagnose field wiring or solenoid problems.
  • Auto/off dial and sensor active/bypass switch settings override from central.
  • The ESP-LX Modular Controller and DTC-LXM Communication Interface Cartridge firmware can be re-flashed from the computer.

Software Capacity

  • 25 Sites (user defined groups of Satellites) and 250 total Satellite Controllers.

GSP Features

  • Software purchase includes 6-month Global Support Plan.
  • Extended Global Support Plans available.
  • Toll-Free phone support.
  • Emergency hardware replacement.

Minimum Computer Requirements

  • Windows® XP-Professional SP2 English Only
  • Pentium IV  1.8 GHz
  • 512MB RAM
  • 200 MB free hard drive space
  • 1024x768 screen resolution
  • CD-ROM
  • Communication modem/port
  • Computer not included with software package

IQ Software
IQ-STD-CD Software Package

Protect your investment in your Rain Bird central control and irrigated landscaping

  • Improved system performance.
  • Eliminate over irrigated turf by utilizing advanced software features like Rain Bird Flo-Manager® and Flo-Watch™ to analyze and control flow.
  • Minimize system downtime.
  • Maintain landscaping with the most effective use of water and power.
  • Get expert advice on grounding requirements and electrical component protection.
  • Write more accurate and site specific programs using map-based programming.

Maximize System Life

  • Get step by step technical assistance to maximize system performance.

Control Your Budget

  • No cost to repair or replace covered central control components unless damaged by surge or lightning (Available for Platinum and Platinum Plus plans only).
  • Significant discounts to repair or replace surge or lightning damaged components, or components not covered under GSP.
  • Next business day delivery of central control components at no charge.

Why Buy GSP? Brochure (PDF: 906 KB)