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ESP-Site Satellite Series Controllers

12, 24, 40 Station Field Satellite

The ESP-Site Satellite controller is the most versatile satellite controller yet. This controller combines the capabilities of the Cluster Control Unit (CCU) with all the power of an ESP-SAT controller. Powerful enough for large sites yet flexible for smaller applications.




  • Combines the function of a Cluster Control Unit (CCU) with an ESP-SAT controller.
  • Stores and executes schedule instructions from the central computer
  • Operates up to 40 stations.
  • Communicates with central computer via telephone, hardwire, radio or fiber-optic cable.
  • Available in wall mount, stainless steel pedestal, retrofit kit for existing stainless steel pedestals or upgrade kit for existing ESP-MC or ESP-SAT controllers.
  • Four programs with eight start times each allow mixed irrigation applications in a single controller.
  • Two master valve terminals, one programmable by station, provide better control.
  • 365-day calendar with leap year intelligence for one-time date and time setting.
  • Event day off option to set any day of the month as a non-watering day for all programs.
  • Programmable rain delay enables system to stay off for specified period with auto-restart.
  • Water budget by program provides adjustments from 0-300% in 1% increments.
  • Cycle+Soak™ by station allows total irrigation run time to be split into usable cycles, minimizing runoff.
  • Sensor override switch with LED to indicate when irrigation is suspended.
  • Non-volatile, 100-year memory holds program, date, and time during power outages.
  • Automatic fault indication identifies electrical shorts, skips shorted stations, and continues watering remaining program.
  • Quick-connect terminal strip speeds installation.
  • 2 sensor inputs.
  • Universal remote ready: pre-installed connectors for addition of remote products.
  • Battery-programmable controller allows for programming prior to installation.
  • Three-year trade warranty.
Model Number Description
Stainless Steel Pedestal


40 Station, Stainless Steele Pedestal


24 Station, Stainless Steele Pedestal


12 Station, Stainless Steele Pedestal

Wall Mount


40 Station, Wall Mount


24 Station, Wall Mount


12 Station, Wall Mount



  • Wall Mount
    Width: 1 15/16" (28,7 cm)
    Height. 11 1/2" (29,2 cm)
    Depth: 6 1/2" (16,5 cm) 
  • SS Pedestal
    Width: 11 1/2" (29,2 cm)
    Height. 30" (76,2 cm)
    Depth: 11 1/2" (29,2 cm) 


  • 12, 24 and 40 station models.
  • Metal, wall-mount enclosure.
  • Stainless steel pedestal.

Maxicom2 Communications Options

  • Central Controller to ESP-SITE-SAT: analog telephone, direct connect, radio, cellular data modem, network (Ethernet, WiFi, fiber-optic).