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Rain Bird ESP-LXME and ESP-LXMEF Series Sprinkler Timers:
User Manuals & Instructions

(Includes models ESP8LXME, ESP12LXME, ESP8LXMEF and ESP12LXMEF)


ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - English
ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - Spanish
ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - French
ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - German
ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - Italian
ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - Portuguese
ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - Arabic

ESP-LXM 12 Station Module Brochure - English

ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Troubleshooting Guide
ESP-LXME FAQ Troubleshooting Guide

ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – English
ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – Spanish
ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – French
ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – German
ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – Italian
ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – Portuguese
ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – Arabic

ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Operation Guide – English
ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Operation Guide – Spanish
ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Operation Guide – French
ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Operation Guide – German
ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Operation Guide – Italian
ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Operation Guide – Portuguese

ESP-LXME Programming Chart – English
ESP-LXME Programming Chart – Spanish
ESP-LXME Programming Chart – French
ESP-LXME Programming Chart – German
ESP-LXME Programming Chart – Italian
ESP-LXME Programming Chart – Portuguese

ESP-LXME Quick Reference Guide – English
ESP-LXME Quick Reference Guide – Spanish
ESP-LXME Quick Reference Guide – French
ESP-LXME Quick Reference Guide – German
ESP-LXME Quick Reference Guide – Italian
ESP-LXME Quick Reference Guide – Portuguese

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Alarm light on the controller front panel illuminated?

Turn dial to Auto and press Alarm button to view Alarm messages.
- Alarm message: Program will not auto run. Turn dial to Test All Stations / Check System. Select Program Summary to view missing programming information.
- Alarm message: Station Short. Turn dial to Test All Stations / Check System and select Raster Wiring Test.
- Alarm message: No Modules or No Base Module. Check modules. Remove and reseat modules.
- Alarm message: Flow Alarm. Turn dial to Flow Smart Module - Module Status and select View Flow Alarms to view flow alarms. Select Clear Flow Alarms to clear flow alarms.

Why are the red lights on all modules flashing?

The controller front panel is not connected to the controller. Check the ribbon cable.

Why is the red light on a single module flashing?

- The module is not seated properly. Remove and reseat the module.
- A valve wire short circuit has been detected on its module. Turn dial to Test All Stations / Check System and select Raster Wiring Test to test valve wiring.

Why is the blue light on the Flow Smart Module flashing?

The blue light flashes when flow is detected by the flow sensor.

Why is the Alarm light illuminated and a screen message is telling me a Module Configuration Change has been detected?

- A station module has either been added, moved, removed or can no longer be detected by the controller.
- If you just changed your module configuration, follow the on-screen instructions to accept the new modem configuration.
- If you have not changed your modem configuration, follow the on-screen instructions to see the module configuration change. Check the module that has changed. Remove and reinstall the module.

Why are valves operating on the wrong dates/times?

- Date/time is not set correctly. Turn dial to Set Current Date, Set Current Time and set current date/time.
- Unknown Start Days/Times have been entered. Turn dial to Test All Stations / Check System and select Program Review.  Review the controller programming and remove any unwanted Start Days/Times.
- A Program Water Window has delayed watering. Turn dial to Test All Stations / Check System and select Program Review. Review Programs. Change Program Water Window to allow all full program run time.

Why can’t the controller turn on the valve(s)?

Valve may not be wired correctly or solenoid may be broken. Turn dial to Test All Stations / Check System and select Raster Wiring Test to test valve wires and solenoid.


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