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Rain Bird ESP-LXME and ESP-LXMEF Series Sprinkler Timers:
User Manuals & Instructions

(Includes models ESP8LXME, ESP12LXME, ESP8LXMEF and ESP12LXMEF)


ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - English
ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - Spanish
ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - French
ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - German
ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - Italian
ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - Portuguese
ESP-LX Series Controllers Brochure - Arabic

ESP-LXM 12 Station Module Brochure - English

ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Troubleshooting Guide
ESP-LXME FAQ Troubleshooting Guide

ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – English
ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – Spanish
ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – French
ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – German
ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – Italian
ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – Portuguese
ESP-LXME Controller Tech Spec – Arabic

ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Operation Guide – English
ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Operation Guide – Spanish
ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Operation Guide – French
ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Operation Guide – German
ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Operation Guide – Italian
ESP-LXME Controller Installation/Operation Guide – Portuguese

ESP-LXME Programming Chart – English
ESP-LXME Programming Chart – Spanish
ESP-LXME Programming Chart – French
ESP-LXME Programming Chart – German
ESP-LXME Programming Chart – Italian
ESP-LXME Programming Chart – Portuguese

ESP-LXME Quick Reference Guide – English
ESP-LXME Quick Reference Guide – Spanish
ESP-LXME Quick Reference Guide – French
ESP-LXME Quick Reference Guide – German
ESP-LXME Quick Reference Guide – Italian
ESP-LXME Quick Reference Guide – Portuguese


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