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All Gallonage Deluxe Pop-Up Impact Rotor Sprinkler

AG-5 / Maxi-Paw pop up impact sprinkler

A popular tradition for underground watering systems, Rain Bird® pop-up impact sprinklers provide the convenience and reliability homeowners want and retract out of sight for high traffic areas. These heavy duty impacts have the strength and performance of industrial and commercial products, yet are easy to install and operate.

Pop-up impact sprinklers are long-lasting and particularly noted for their performance with heavy-mineral content, such as hard water and well water, that can clog and corrode other sprinklers. Also an excellent choice for reclaimed water irrigation systems in drought areas.


  • Water Saver brass weighted PJ™ spray guide arm controls stream, prevents side splash onto buildings and walkways.
  • Double-weighted arm for slower rotation and increased distance of throw. Allows wider pressure range (25 to 50 psi or 1,7 to 3,5 bar).
  • Rolled lip case design aids in setting proper installation height, prevents grass and weeds from growing into head and minimizes backwash.
  • Five interchangeable, color-coded Matched Precipitation Rate nozzles.( No tools needed to change nozzles.)
  • Patented pressure-activated wiper seal assures reliable pop-up and pop-down.
  • Diffuser screw breaks water into smaller droplets for uniform watering and allows up to 25% radius reduction.
  • 360° Full-circle OR arc adjustable from 20° to 340°.
  • Heavy-duty, high impact case with sturdy, reinforced ribbed design.
  • Multiple nozzle options provide for all gallonage flow with variable watering rate of 1.5 gpm (5,7 lpm) to 8.4 gpm (31,8 lpm).
  • Spacing from 24 to 45 feet apart (7,3 to 13,7 m).

Deluxe Pop-Up Impact Rotor


  • Dimensions: 5" (12,7 cm) diameter, 9 3/10" (23,6 cm) tall.
  • Combination 1/2" or 3/4" bottom, and 1/2" side female connections offer more flexibility.
  • 3 1/2" pop-up to clear tall grass.