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Brass Deluxe Impact Sprinkler On Hose-End Spike


With its rugged all-metal construction and proven adjustment ease for spray distance and arc, this deluxe hose-connected impact sprinkler will be saving your lawn and reducing your water bills for a long time.

Among quality features is a new heavy duty 8-inch step stake which makes it easy to move the sprinkler to different areas around the yard, even hard packed clay soil. This is the same dependable Rain Bird brass impact sprinkler used in automatic systems, now made even easier to use with any garden hose.





  • Traditional favorite sprinkler with classic impact sound

  • Straight through water flow design for superior dirty water performance

  • Adjustable deflector flap adjusts stream length from 20-foot (6m) to 41-foot (12.5 m) radius

  • Diffuser screw breaks water into smaller water droplets for uniform watering

  • Die-cast spray arm controls stream, prevents side splash onto buildings and walkways

Brass Deluxe Impact Sprinkler
On Hose-End Spike

  • Full or part circle, adjustable 20° - 360°

  • 20 - 41 ft range