Literature & Manuals

Download the latest tech specs, instruction manuals, replacement parts lists, CAD specification drawings, and other literature for Rain Bird Golf Irrigation products by selecting one of the product families below. Most files have been formatted in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) for easy downloading and printing.


BPE / BPES Series
 Instruction Manual (PDF: 692 KB)
 Replacement Parts List (PDF: 152 KB)
 Valve Installation/Maintenance Tips (PDF: 229 KB)
 Pressure Loss Performance Charts (PDF: 57 KB)
 Tech Specs (PDF: 1.1 MB)

EFB-CP Series
 Replacement Parts List (PDF: 106 KB)
 Valve Installation/Maintenance Tips (PDF: 229 KB)
 Tech Specs (PDF: 1.1 MB)

PESB-R Series Valves

PDF Tech Specs (PDF: 958 KB)
PDF Installation Manual (PDF: 238 KB)
LEGOLAND® Site Report - short version (PDF: 377 KB)
LEGOLAND® Site Report - long version (PDF: 1,020 KB)
Reclaimed Water White Paper (PDF: 315 KB)
 Parts List - 1" (PDF: 172 KB)
 Parts List - 1.5" (PDF: 135 KB)
 Parts List - 2" (PDF: 139 KB)

PEB & PESB Series
 Instruction Manual - English (PDF: 238 KB)
 Valve Installation/Maintenance Tips (PDF: 229 KB)
 Tech Specs (PDF: 991 KB)
 PEB Valve Troubleshooting Guide (PDF: 614 KB)
 Parts List - 1" PEB (PDF: 172 KB)
 Parts List - 1.5" PEB (PDF: 135 KB)
 Parts List - 2" PEB (PDF: 139 KB)

 Performance Charts (PDF: 58 KB)
 Installation Manual (PDF: 504 KB)
 Tech Specs (PDF: 963 KB)
 Replacement Parts List (PDF: 127 KB)

Quick Coupling Valves
 Replacement Parts List - One Piece (PDF: 53 KB)
 Replacement Parts List - Two Pieces (PDF: 53 KB)
 Pressure Loss Performance Charts (PDF: 106 KB)