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Pump Stations Overview

Rain Bird offers a variety of pump station options to meet your specific needs.

These options include pre-fabricated skids with vertical turbine lift pumps, horizontal centrifugal flooded suction or suction lift pumps, self-contained booster pumps, split-case water feature pumps, submersible or floating skid pumps and more.

Featuring Variable Frequency Drive technology, every station is engineered and custom‑built for the specific user requirements.

Additional customization includes:

  • Pressure maintenance and/or jockey pumps for smaller daily watering needs.
  • Pumps from 3 H.P. to 200 H.P.
  • Up to six main pumps.
  • Custom skids and retrofit options.
  • Integrated filtration systems.
  • Additional power zones.

Features and Benefits

Electrical Design

Rain Bird® Pump Stations use a sophisticated suppression system to reduce the risk of electronic component damage that could lead to inconvenient and costly downtime. This includes full heavy duty circuit breaker integration that provides protection for the motor and is easier and less expensive to service.

Engineered Pump Station Skid Design

Using 3D modeling, the channel steel skid frame is engineered for strength and rigidity. This engineering reduces the vibration and eliminates the requirement for oversized pump mounting plates.

The top deck is the industry’s strongest and longest‑lasting by providing 3⁄8" plate throughout with heavy duty ½" pump mounting plates continuously welded on top of the engineered frame.

Durable Polyester Powder-Coating

Rain Bird’s in‑house sandblasting system assures all surfaces of the pump station are prepared properly to allow for the best coating adhesion. The polyester powder‑coat Rain Bird applies is far more durable than liquid coatings, and will not deteriorate over time like other coatings that often develop a chalky appearance.

In fact, Rain Bird’s powder-coating process scored a 10 out of 10 on an ASTM corrosion test provided by Sherwin Williams. Other industry pump stations scored 4 out of 10 on the very same test. In addition, the powder‑coating process is environmentally friendly.

VFD Per Motor (VPM) Option

Rain Bird offers the industry’s most comprehensive package by designing custom stations upon request to include a VFD for each motor on a multi-pump station. This option offers superior motor protection along with no mechanical switching.

Advanced Controls

Using a simple‑to‑operate touch screen interface, Rain Bird offers the most advanced control package in the industry.

Automatic Adjusting Pressure Set Point

Save money and wear by maintaining a lower pressure set point until higher flows are demanded.

Real‑Time Irrigation System Integration

With Rain Bird’s Smart Pump™ central control software, Rain Bird pump stations lead the industry in energy efficiency. No other manufacturer provides this total integration and truly manages the operation of the pump throughout the irrigation cycle.

Note: Compatible with all Cirrus™, Nimbus™ II, Stratus™ II and StratusLT™ central control software systems.