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Intermediate Flow Pump Stations

Flows Up to 750 GPM at 120 psi *

Reliable Variable Frequency Drive, Single Horizontal End Suction Pump Stations designed for boosting pressure on golf course with elevation changes, lake transfer, or serving as the main irrigation pump station on smaller golf courses configured for flooded-suction or suction lift.

*Higher flows available at pressures less than 120 psi.

Enhanced Serviceability

Modern electrical design utilizing industrial breaker motor protection instead of time-wasting fuses. Industrial circuit breakers are quickly reset and designed for an extended service life.

Easy Operator Training

Easy to navigate monochrome touch-screen.

Reduced Cost

Our powder coat paint earned a perfect rating on ASTM corrosion tests. Less corrosion equals longer pipe, skid, and manifold life, reducing cost.

No-Hassle Buying

Get everything you need for your irrigation system construction or renovation from the only manufacturer dedicated to irrigation for over seven decades.


  • Air Conditioner Electrical Panel Cooling.
  • Enclosures: Aluminum, Painted Steel (Government Specified Colors), or Stainless Steel.
  • Full Color Touch-screen with English and Spanish.
  • Magnetic Flow Meter.
  • Modem, Radio or Hard-wired.
  • TEFC Motor.
  • Wye Strainer with Auto Back-flush.
  • Z Discharge Pipe.
  • 60 Hz, 3-Phase Power:
    • 230V (up to 60HP per pump), 460V, 575V
  • 50 Hz, 3-Phase Power:
    • 190V (up to 60HP per pump), 380V, 415V
  • 60 Hz, 1-Phase Power:
    • 230V (up to 30HP per pump