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GO™ Software

Central Control System

GO™ was designed specifically for the IC field control system.






  • Exclusive CYCLE+SOAK™ reduces or eliminates wasteful runoff by matching each sprinkler’s application rate to the localized soil infiltration rate. Total application of water is precisely controlled regardless of number of cycles.
  • Course monitor screens are intuitively designed to instantly show you exactly what is going on with your course.
  • Pump Profiling™ automatically manages pump station power consumption during peak electrical rate periods.
  • Pre-built Flo-Manager® tables get you up and running in minutes.
  • Dryrun™ helps you fine tune your irrigation programs for peak performance.
  • GO benefits from exactly the same high-performance irrigation engine used by Cirrus™, Nimbus™ II, Stratus™ II and StratusLT,™ which means GO systems have the highest Water Window Efficiency available.