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VB Series Valve Boxes


When it comes to irrigation system installation and design, valve boxes play an important role, yet often aren’t given much thought.

A well-designed valve box can make installations faster and easier while reducing the need for future maintenance.

The key benefits of Rain Bird’s professional grade VB Series Valve Boxes are:

  • Strength and stability
  • Smart lid design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Flexible installation
  • Rain Bird’s VB Series Valve Boxes combine strength and stability with unique features that save contractors time and money.
  • Available in multiple sizes and shapes to provide the right fit for any application.
  • Wide flange bases and corrugated sides protect valves by offering maximum durability, compression strength and stability under heavy loads.
  • Smart lid design with no holes to minimize pest access.
  • Lids also have beveled edges that minimize the potential for damage from lawn equipment while allowing for easier hand and shovel access.
  • All black bodies are made from 100 percent recycled materials, making them earth-friendly and LEED compliant.
  • Pipe-hole knockouts designed to fit with most pipe configurations are built into the sides of the valve box for easy pipe placement with little need for time-consuming, tedious cutting.
  • The knockouts can be slid back into place to keep backfill dirt from entering the valve box.
  • For larger and deeper applications, valve box extension models and bottom-to-bottom stacking and interlocking capabilities provide installation flexibility.

How are the Rain Bird valve boxes produced?

All the models (except the 6 inch round) are made through a structural foam molding process. Structural foam molding has many inherit qualities including:

  • Larger part size - shot sizes up to 200 lbs.
  • Durability, strength, and manufacturing efficiency
  • Dimensional accuracy over the entire production run
  • Weight reduction of up to 15% (by volume) compared to other injection molding methods
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Parts that are impervious to the elements
  • Color consistency and complete range of colors
  • Two different materials can be molded simultaneously
  • Ability to mold two colors simultaneously
  • Consistent surface finish
  • Parts are recyclable

The 6 inch round is made through an injection modeling process.

Are the valve box lids interchangeable?

Only within a model family, not between models. For example, the lid that fits on the Standard valve box only works on the Standard valve box or Standard extension; it does not fit the Jumbo valve box.

What are the purposes of the difference lid colors?

The different lid colors are designed to either i) blend into the environment or ii) designate a purpose. The green lids are for environmental blending and the purple lids designates non-potable water.

How strong are the valve boxes?

The Rain Bird valve boxes are designed for commercial applications (less the 6” round version). They are ideal for golf courses, parks, or any areas that have heavy lawn equipment. They are assessed against a rigid series of test to verify heavy loads.

What are the different lock models and what is their purpose?

There are two lock models, a hex bolt and penta bolt. The hex bolt is 9/16”, 6-sided bolt head. The penta bolt is a 5-sided bolt head that requires a special tool. The socket for the hex bolt is very common; the tool for the penta bolt is less common. The penta bolt is similar to what are used to “lock” gas equipment. The “locks” are designed to keep the casual vandal out.

Does Rain Bird offer a wiring junction box?

The 6 inch round is ideal for a junction box. It is used, for example, to extend the reach of the SMRT-Y soil moisture sensor. The 7” round is a more robust unit with extra strength is required.

Why does Rain Bird offer standalone lids?

If damage does occur to a valve box, it is typically the lid that gets damaged. Instead of replacing the entire valve box, a simple lid replacement is all that is needed.

Why is the purpose of the lid lip on one edge?

We call it “shovel access.” Over time, it is hard telling what might decide to make a valve box a home. The recessed lid lip allows the contractor to open the lid without having to put his/her hand down there at first. The lip also makes it easier to open lids with the fingers.

What is the purpose of the extension models?

Some valve installations are deeper than what a normal sized valve box can fit. The extensions give another 6 inches of depth to the installation. This is offered in the Standard and Jumbo models.

What about extra deep valve installations?

The Rain Bird valve boxes and be interlocked, bottom-to-bottom, in other words stacked. This configuration gives twice the depth as just the normal valve box and more depth than the extension can add. This capability is available on all the rectangle valve boxes.

Why are the valve box bodies all black?

For most installations, the boxes are installed below ground with the lids placed at finish grade. The box body is rarely seen. The other reason is that the black bodies are made from recyclable material for both cost and environmental benefits.

Traditionally, installers place bricks under the valve boxes. This is not the case with Rain Bird’s valve boxes. Why?

A wide flange at the base of most of the rectangular Rain Bird valve boxes were designed with this in mind. The broader based simplifies installation and reduces cost associated with not using those stabilizing bricks.

How do Rain Bird valve boxes compare to others in the industry?

We believe they have more features, more benefits and better value that any valve box line in the industry. They are built rock solid, loaded with features and are priced very competitively. Rain Bird builds a better valve box and prices them competitively.

What is a commercial grade valve box?

There are valve boxes and there are valve boxes. For Rain Bird, quality is paramount. The valve boxes were designed with quality and durability in mind. A commercial valve box will meet the needs of commercial applications, from golf courses and parks to industrial parks and business properties. They are designed for heavy loads, namely large mowers and vehicles. Although positioned as a higher-end line of valve boxes, the prices make them attractive to residential installations. Why compromise quality when the price is similar?

I have a 6” or 7” round valve box. I need a replacement lid but Rain Bird does not offer that SKU or part number. What do I do?

At one time, we carried separately orderable lid for small round valve boxes. Few orders were received. In order to help our distributors better manage inventory, we eliminated those SKUs. The replacement process for a lid is to order the new 6” or 7” round valve box with a lid, throw away (recycle) the body, and just use the lid.

Rain Bird offers a full line of professional grade rectangle and round valve boxes. Below are the model numbers and brief descriptions of each.

Rain Bird VB Series Valve Boxes


VB-STD Standard (Body & Green Lid) 
VB-STDP Standard (Body & Purple Lid) 
VB-STD-B Standard (Body only) 
VB-STD-L Standard (Lid only) - Green 
VB-STDP-L Standard (Lid only) - Purple 
VB-STD-H Standard (Body & Green Lid) + Lock

6 Inch Standard Box / Extension Valve Boxes

Standard Extension

VB-STD-6EXT-B Standard 6" Extension (Body only)
VB-STD-6EXT Standard 6" Extension (Body & Green Lid)

Jumbo  Valve Boxes


VB-JMB Jumbo (Body & Green Lid) 
VB-JMBP Jumbo (Body & Purple Lid) 
VB-JMB-B Jumbo (Body only) 
VB-JMB-L Jumbo (Lid only) - Green 
VB-JMBP-L Jumbo (Lid only) - Purple 
VB-JMB-H Jumbo (Body & Green Lid) + Lock

6 Inch Jumbo Extension Valve Boxes

Jumbo Extension

VB-JMB-6EXT-B Jumbo 6" Extension (Body only) 
VB-JMB-6EXT Jumbo 6" Extension (Body & Green Lid)

Super Jumbo  Valve Boxes

Super Jumbo

VB-SPR-H Super Jumbo (Body & Green Lid) + 2 Locks 
VB-SPR-L Super Jumbo (Lid only) - Green  
VB-SPR-PL Super Jumbo (Lid only) - Purple

Maxi Jumbo  Valve Boxes

Maxi Jumbo

VB-MAX-H Maxi Jumbo (Body & Green Lid) + 2 Locks 
VB-MAX-PL Super Jumbo (Lid only) - Purple

10 Inch Round  Valve Boxes

10 Inch Round

VB-10RND 10" Round (Body & Green Lid) 
VB-10RND-B 10" Round (Body only) 
VB-10RND-L 10" Round (Lid only) - Green 
VB-10RNDP-L 10" Round (Lid only) - Purple 
VB-10RND-H 10" Round (Body & Green Lid) + Lock

7 Inch Round  Valve Boxes

7 Inch Round

VB-7RND Black Body & Green Lid 
VB-7RNDP Black Body & Purple Lid 

6 Inch Round Valve Boxes

6 Inch Round

VB-6RND 6" Green Body & Green Lid


VB-LOCK-H Locking (Hex bolt, washer & clip) 
VB-LOCK-P Locking (Penta bolt, washer & clip)

The dimensions of the Rain Bird commercial grade valve boxes are presented below in standard and metric measurements:


Length: 21.8 inches (55,4 cm)
Width: 16.6 inches (42,2 cm)
Height: 12.0 inches (30,5 cm)

Standard Extension

Length: 20.0 inches (50,8 cm)
Width: 14.75 inches (37,5 cm)
Height: 6.75 inches (17,1 cm)


Length: 26.3 inches (66,8 cm)
Width: 19.8 inches (50,3 cm)
Height: 12.1 inches (30,7 cm)

Jumbo Extension

Length: 24.4 inches (62,0 cm)
Width: 17.9 inches (45,5 cm)
Height: 6.75 inches (17,1 cm)

Super Jumbo

Length: 33.1 inches (84,1 cm)
Width: 23.8 inches (60,5 cm)
Height: 15.0 inches (38,1 cm)

Maxi Jumbo

Length: 40.3 inches (102,4 cm)
Width: 27.1 inches (68,8 cm)
Height: 18.0 inches (45,7 cm)

10 Inch Round

Bottom Diameter: 13.75 inches (34,9 cm)
Height: 10.0 inches (25,4 cm)

7 Inch Round

Bottom Diameter: 9.9 inches (25,1 cm)
Height: 9.0 inches (22,9 cm)

6 Inch Round

Bottom Diameter: 8.3 inches (21,0 cm)
Height: 9.0 inches  (22,9 cm)