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Meet Our People

Name: Patrick
Position: Operations Manager
Years of Rain Bird Service: 3
Rain Bird Location: Calera, AL
Education: B.S.- West Point, NY

Why work at Rain Bird?
Rain Bird is a well-managed, ethical company. I like the emphasis we place on a safe work environment and our commitment to hiring bright, qualified people at all levels. 

How has working for Rain Bird benefited your career growth?
Most of my career has been in manufacturing but at Rain Bird, I was hired into a distribution role and promoted to manage the distribution center. I have expanded my supply chain experience and been fortunate to receive a promotion in the process.

What are the most important traits to be successful at Rain Bird?
I think Rain Bird really values results. I think you also need to take the time to understand the culture so that your behavior fits within the norms of a very successful business model and work environment.

What are your future goals at Rain Bird?
I am looking into obtaining a Masters Degree and would like to pursue more opportunities in distribution management or possibly manufacturing at some point in the future.

Career Path at Rain Bird:
Operations Manager
Distribution Supervisor

What are your top areas of responsibilities or key activities for your current role?

  1. Ensuring a safe work environment 
  2. Quality and timely customer shipments 
  3. Accurate steward of finished goods inventory 
  4. Controlling operating costs 
  5. Hiring and motivating a staff of full-time and part-time employees

Past work experience:
ALG Labels & Graphics- Company Engineer
Tyco International- Production Manager, Sr. Distribution Planner, Production Supervisor
Engelhard- Process Engineer
U.S. Army- Officer