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Featured Product: Rain Bird IQ Platform

360° of Mobility, 0° of Difficulty

The New Rain Bird® IQ Platform™ for remote water management delivers powerful water management tools in three easy-to-use options. With the new IQ-Cloud v. 3.0 you can now control your irrigation systems from any web-enabled device—with no recurring annual fees and set up that takes less than five minutes.

To use IQ, you will need an ESP-LXME, ESP-LXMEF or ESP-LXD Controller with a Network Communication Cartridge (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular).

IQ-Cloud v. 3.0 for multi-user access.

• Mobile compatible

• No annual fees

• Easy to set up and use

Sign up for IQ-Cloud access at

IQ-Enterprise v. 3.0 lets you implement IQ-Cloud on a private server.

  • Meet strict firewall and security restrictions
  • No annual fees

Your local Rain Bird sales representative can talk with you and your staff about the advantages of IQ-Enterprise.

IQ-Desktop v. 3.0

If you are already an IQ user, you can keep using IQDesktop or upgrade for mobile access by signing up for IQ-Cloud at