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ESP-LX Series Stainless Steel Pedestals

Rain Bird is proud to announce more pedestal options for the ESP-LX Series Controllers. The current options are a painted metal pedestal and wall mount. These will now be available in stainless steel versions Additionally, to help customers transition to the ESP-LX Series from the ESP-MC Series, we’ve created an adapter kit that will allow you retrofit the ESP-MC Stainless Steel Pedestal to be able to house an ESP-LX Series Controller. This gives you a retrofit option without have to buy a new pedestal.

Key Selling Points

  • Durability – Stainless steel is perfect for high humidity areas where corrosion is problematic. It is also great in high vandalism areas.
  • ESP-MC Stainless Steel Retrofit – Easily adapt an existing ESP-MC Stainless Steel Pedestal to replace with an ESP-LX Series Controller