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Introducing the new Rain Bird® ESP-LX Basic Controller. 
2 Languages. 48 Stations. Zero Fluff.

The ESP-LX Basic Controller is the best choice when you need a simple-to-program controller that doesn’t sacrifice basic water management options.  It takes less than 3 minutes to program, has 12 stations out of the box—expandable to 48 stations.  The ESP-LX Basic offers simple, three-step programming with English and Spanish on the same dial.

Key Features

  1. Simple, Three-Step Programming
    A simple dial and easy to understand menu options makes programming easy.
  2. English and Spanish on the Same Dial
    Easy for everyone on the crew to program and maintain.
  3. Larger Station Count 
    Compared to Hunter I-Core’s base 8 stations, the ESP-LX Basic has 12 stations out of the box and is expandable to 48.
  4. Basic Water Management Features
    The ESP-LX Basic has all the options you need for basic irrigation programming, including more advanced options such as SimulStations™, Cycle+Soak™ and Station Delay.
  5. Easy Upgrade Option 
    When the site’s needs change, you can switch to ESP-LXME front panel (sold separately) for flow and smart control features.

For additional information and specifications, please visit the ESP-LX Basic page.