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Engineered Pumping Solutions

VFD Pump Stations Custom Designed for Your Flow and Pressure Requirements

Engineered pumping systems designed, fabricated, and tested per customer specification in Rain Bird’s Tucson, AZ, pump station manufacturing facility offering submersible, centrifugal, and splitcase pumping technologies with capacities up to 10,000 gpm.

3D solid modeling system insures precise pump station design and reliable field installations.

Color, LCD, touch-screen interface standard feature on all pump stations provides a user-friendly menu system enabling pressure and flow setting adjustments, displaying pump station performance, and alarm conditions.

  • Seamless communication with SiteControl Central Control Software when equipped with optional color touch screen operator interface.
  • Submersible pumps available with 304SS construction and 3450/3525 RPM submersible motors providing enhanced corrosion resistance and extended operational life.
  • Horizontal, double suction, split-case pumps with cast iron casing, bearing cover, and bearing bracket, bronze impeller, case wear rings, shaft sleeve, and bushings, carbon steel shaft, and Type 51 mechanical seals selected for water feature applications delivering superior hydraulic efficiencies with long-term energy and maintenance cost savings.
  • End suction, close-coupled, centrifugal pumps with cast iron casing, and adapter, bronze shaft sleeve, adapter wear ring, and casing wear ring, silicon brass impeller, carbon steel pump shaft, and Type 21 mechanical seal insure industrial grade performance with reduced maintenance cost.