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D Series Pumps

Rain Bird® Integrated Plug-N-Pump (IPP) Irrigation Pump Stations

Featuring D, DP and DPX Systems

Integrated pumping system with powder-coated steel enclosure, available in single pump and multi-pump configurations, custom designed piping, alarm options, and other materials of construction available upon request.

Integrated Plug-n-Pump (up to 300gpm) delivers single source responsibility for the entire pumping system insuring trouble-free installation and operation.

Seamless communication with SiteControl Central Control Software when equipped with optional color touch screen operator interface.

  • Integrated Plug-n-Pump (up to 300gpm) enclosures designed to accommodate the pump station, control panel, electrical, piping, and alarm systems with sufficient room to service pump(s) without removing or disassembling the enclosure or piping.
  • Polyester-based powder coating process provides superior UV degradation protection and enhanced surface scratch resistance.
  • Integrated Plug-n-Pump (up to 300gpm) enclosures deliver robust acoustical performance.
  • Fork-lift ports standard on the front and back sides on all Integrated Plug-n-Pump (up to 300gpm) enclosures reducing site installation errors.
  • Removable enclosure doors and panels with locking options to help deter vandalism.
  • Integrated drainage ports designed to bypass the pump station’s full capacity in case of piping failure insures the water level never exceeds 6 inches.
  • Enclosure air intake ports positioned off the ground help reduce dirt and debris collection.
  • Multiple piping configurations available with the standard through the concrete pad or through the enclosure wall delivered NPT or ANSI flanged meeting the designer’s specifications.
  • Industrial grade, vertical multistage centrifugal pump(s) with cartridge style mechanical seal(s) permitting seal replacement without disassembling the pump, piping, or pump station enclosure.
  • Integrated Plug-n-Pump (Up to 300gpm) systems delivered factory tested and configured for the irrigation system requirements decreasing pump station startup time.


  • External mounted visual and audible alarms.
  • Lockable NEMA rated electrical disconnect box mounted on an outside enclosure wall.

Quick Guide for Selecting the Right Pump

Operating Range

  • Flow range: Up to 300 gpm
  • Operational Voltage:
    • 208/230V/60hz/1-Phase
    • 208/230/460/575V/60Hz/3-Phase
    • 380V/50hz/3-Phas