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3/4" (19mm) Full Circle Plastic Impact Sprinklers

Rain Bird 48H Full Circle Plastic Impact SprinklerThe Rain Bird 48H series sprinkler is designed to provide you with unmatched durability, performance, and value. The robust plastic design also features quick-fit nozzles for easy maintenance.




  • Durable design
    -- Engineered plastic body and arm
    -- Stainless steel spring and fulcrum pin
    -- Superior chemical and grit resistance
  • Color coded quick-fit nozzles provide easy maintenance
  • 5 nozzles, 2 spreader nozzles, and a plug allow for design flexibility
  • PTFE washers allow for improved performance at lower pressures
  • Plastic body and bearing provide increased affordability
  • Flow Rate: 3.9 – 14.2 gpm (880-3230 lph)
  • Radius: 42-60 ft. (12.8-18.3 m)
  • Operating Range: 30-80 psi (2.1-5.5 bar)
  • Bearing: ¾” Male (19mm) NPT, plastic
  • Trajectory Angle: 23 degrees