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Sand Media Filters

For the Most Challenging Source Water Conditions

Rain Bird Sand Media FilterProper filtration and clean water are essential to the efficient operation of today’s irrigation systems. Trash, algae, sand, silt and other solid contaminants in source water will lead to plugged nozzles, silt deposition in equipment and on the turf, inoperative valves, and a significant reduction in overall efficiency.

Rain Bird filtration technology can resolve these problems in your system. Rain Bird’s Sand Media Filters provide reliability, efficiency and long-term economy. Made in the USA, these filters are designed and manufactured to exacting standards, giving you many years of top performance.

Filtration Process

  • Uniform 14” media bed depth for optimum particle entrapment
  • Filtration achieved through flow from inlet (top) manifold to outlet (bottom) manifold
  • 2-stage inlet diffuser
  • High strength, hydraulically balanced Type 304 stainless steel underdrains for thorough backwashing
  • Low pressure drop and even flow dispersion

Backwashing Process

  • Rain Bird underdrains require less water for backwashing and require backwashing less frequently
  • Backwashing cleans one tank at a time, so you can continue to irrigate during the backwash cycle
  • The system backwashes with clean filtered water
  • Single valve operation, either manually, semi-automatically or automatically, assures proper backwashing efficiency and sequence
  • Even media bed fluidization ensures total cleaning of the system, while producing a flat, uniform media bed after flushing


Filter Tanks

Rain Bird filter tanks are designed to provide superior safety features. All closures have safety lids that will not pop off if over-pressurized. Rain Bird’s 3/16” tank construction is also heavier than average, giving you extra protection against bursting from accidental over-pressurization or surge.

Automatic Valves

Rain Bird cast valves feature a fusion epoxy lining designed for years of trouble-free service. The valve shaft and seal retainers are noncorrosive stainless steel with durable, molded polyurethane seals. Also, the valves are made with Rain Bird’s exclusive replaceable brass shaft guides and external grease fittings for easy on-site maintenance.

Stainless Steel Underdrain

Rain Bird’s underdrain system features a lateral design of high strength, stainless steel wedgewire. It produces a pressure drop of only 4 PSI and will withstand collapse pressure in excess of 600 PSI. Unlike other manufacturers, Rain Bird does not use plastic underdrain parts or threaded fastener style underdrain assemblies because of limited durability.

Automatic Control

Automatic control makes Rain Bird your most cost-effective choice for your next filtration system. Rain Bird automation packages allow fully unattended operation. All Rain Bird controllers monitor system operation on both pressure differential and elapsed time. Units are available in A/C power, D/C power or solar power for remote application.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Interiors Available

All Rain Bird Sand Media Filter systems are available with optional fusion-epoxy lining. This premium environmental coating system provides excellent protection against aggressive electrolysis and corrosion. The Rain Bird fusion powder coat system is applied to all interior surfaces of the filters and manifolds after sandblasting to white metal. The Rain Bird fusion bonded epoxy system is a true environmental coating providing years of protection for salts, chemicals and other materials found in aggressive water.

Rain Bird filtration technology provides reliability, efficiency and long-term economy.

Rain Bird’s cast valves feature durable fusion epoxy lining, stainless steel trim and molded polyurethane seals.


SM1816-X: Sand Media Filter

SM1816-XI: Carbon Steel Sand Media Filter with ID Coating

SM1816-XB: Carbon Steel Sand Media Filter with OD Coating


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SM2416-2: DWG PDF
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SM4816-2: DWG PDF
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