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Traditionally Wired Control

Tradition meets innovation.

Inspired by The Intelligent Use of Water™, the Rain Bird® ESP-LXME Controller redefines what a traditionally wired controller can do. Take advantage of water-saving features, a time-saving user interface and the ability to add more stations than ever before.

48-Station Capacity
Go from 8 to 48 stations with 4 module slots compatible with 4-station, 8-station or 12-station modules. The expandability of the ESP-LXME makes it perfect for a broad range of small to large commercial jobs.

Easy Installation
The user-friendliness of Extra Simple Programming cuts programming time, while the spacious cabinet and quick-connect terminals make installation a snap. From top to bottom, the ESP-LXME is engineered to help you move on to the next job sooner.

Optional Flow Sensing
Rest easy with the ability to monitor and automatically react to pipe breaks. By adding flow sensing to the ESP-LXME, you can take advantage of flow learning, high-flow and low-flow detection and reaction, as well as flow logging. Requires optional Flow Smart Module.

Optional Weather-Based Control
Save time, money and water by harnessing the weather. Turn the ESP-LXME into a Smart Controller with the ET Manager™ Cartridge. You can also suspend irrigation during rain or high wind events with a Rain/Freeze Sensor or Anemometer.

Central Control Capability
Easily add central control to your ESP-LXME using the NCC Communications Cartridge and IQ™ v2.0 Software. With ability to grow from five base satellites to 250 satellites, IQ v2.0 also offers a full array of advanced features that can help you save even more time and water.

Where to use Traditionally Wired Control
• Small to large commercial sites requiring up to 48 stations
• Sites unlikely to expand significantly over time
• Locations where easy installation and low controller hardware costs are top concerns
• Parks, homeowners’ associations, business complexes



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