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Central Control

Everything you need to be everywhere at once.

Rain Bird® IQ™ v2.0 Central Control makes promoting a healthy landscape easier and more efficient by letting you control irrigation at remote sites from a single computer. But that’s not all. IQ v2.0 delivers a full range of optional features, from Advanced ET to Advanced Flow Sensing, so you’ll be ready to take on any irrigation challenge.

Remarkable Convenience
The communication capabilities of IQ v2.0 virtually eliminate the need to travel to remote sites. Manual operations and programming functions previously performed at the on-site irrigation controller can now be done from the IQ central computer. Better yet, with the intuitive user interface of IQ v2.0, monitoring your system and making adjustments quickly become second nature.

Unprecedented Flexibility
Choose IQ v2.0 and know you’ve made the right decision for today—and for the future. Only pay for the hardware and functionality you need right now. The modular design of IQ v2.0, ESP-LXME Controller and ESP-LXD Decoder Controller allow you to easily and affordably add new features, stations, controllers and even sites over time.

Powerful Features
We’ve made IQ v2.0 more intelligent, more robust and even more powerful. Create and distribute detailed reports with Advanced Communications, while securing your system with Advanced Programming. Save money and meet heightened water restrictions with Advanced ET and a full array of weather-based hardware. Monitor and automatically react to pipe breaks, while protecting yourself against costly repairs and litigation, through Advanced Flow Sensing. With IQ v2.0, you can truly do it all.


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