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WS-PROLT Weather Station

Smart features at a smart price.

Designed for any budget, the reliable Rain Bird® WS-PROLT Weather Station monitors and stores weather data from field locations. This information is retrieved by the IQ central computer controller, allowing the IQ Advanced ET Feature Pack to adjust programming and station runtimes according to each day’s ET (evapotranspiration) and rainfall.




Weather Station Sensors

  • Air Temperature
  • Solar Radiation
  • Relative Humidity
  • Wind Run
  • Wind Direction
  • Rainfall

Superior ET Model

Rain Bird’s Central Control Systems use weather sensor input to determine ET rates based on a field-proven proprietary equation for ET.

Advanced ET Software Feature Pack

  • Automated MAD (Management Allowed Depletion) Irrigation Scheduling adjustments
  • Software uses Irrigation Association terminology and formulas
  • ET/Rainfall Weather Sources include:
    - CIMIS Internet Service (California only)
    - ETMI ET Manager Weather Reach Service (North America only)
    - Rain Bird® WS-PRO LT Weather Station
    - Rain Bird® WS-PRO2 Weather Station
  • 4 ET Checkbooks per satellite controller
  • Export to Microsoft Excel® for customized reports

Learn more about Advanced ET.

Communication Options

  • Wireless (900MHzSS Radio or 2.4 GHz Radio)
  • Short Haul

Transmission Range

  • Wireless 900 MHz: 1/2 mile (805 m)

  • Wireless 2.4 GHz: 1/4 mile (402 m)

  • Short Haul: 20,000 ft (6.096 m)

Power Supply Required

  • 16 to 22 VDC

Optional Power Supplies

  • Solar Panel

Temperature Range

  • -13˚ to 122˚F (-40˚ to 50˚ C)

Air Temperature Sensor

  • Operating Range: -13˚ to 122˚F (-25˚ to 50˚ C)
  • Accuracy: ± 2.7˚F (± 1.5˚C)

Relative Humidity Sensor

  • Operating Range: 0-100%
  • Accuracy: ±5%-90% to 100% RH (±3%-0% to 90% RH)

Rain Gauge Sensor

  • Resolution: 0.04” (1 mm)

Solar Radiation Sensor

  • Accuracy: ±2.5%

Wind Direction Sensor

  • Range: 360˚ mechanical, 352˚ electrical
  • Accuracy: ±4

Wind Speed Sensor

  • Starting Threshold: 0.78ms (1.75 mph)

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