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Advanced Flow Sensing Software Feature Pack

Maximum peace of mind.

Protect your organization against costly water loss and potential litigation. When combined with a Rain Bird® Flow Sensor and IQ™ v2.0 Central Control, the Advanced Flow Sensing Feature Pack automatically reacts to pipe breaks, stuck valves and other flow problems. You’ll also be able to configure the system to self-diagnose the problem and shut down the valve or water source to isolate the problem. The IQ Advanced Flow Sensing Feature Pack provides powerful reporting tools to let you track water usage and create reports and graphs. When using the ESP-LXME Controller as a satellite controller, you must also install the Flow Smart Module.

  • Upload minute-by-minute flow logs and alarms to the IQ v2.0 central computer, and create flow graphs and reports.

  • Station flow rates are learned by the Learn Flow Utility.

  • Real-time flow rates are compared to learned flow rates

  • Automatically diagnose problem flows to determine whether they are caused by a break in a main line or lateral line.

  • Automatically close the master valve or station valve to isolate the problem.

Flow Smart Module

Standard with the ESP-LXMEF and available as an upgrade to the ESP-LXME, the IQ v2.0-compatible Flow Smart Module provides flow learning, logging and problem reaction. Learn more about the Flow Smart Module.

Flow Sensors

Combine IQ v2.0 with Rain Bird Flow Sensors for precise and accurate flow monitoring. Choose from a variety of sensor sizes, operating ranges and types for the solution that best meets your needs. Learn more about Flow Sensors.


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