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2-Wire Decoder Control

Save water, save wire.

Rain Bird® 2-Wire Decoder Control builds on The Intelligent Use of Water™ legacy, combining the efficiency of 2-wire control with trusted Extra Simple Programming. In addition to drastically reducing installation costs for large sites, the Rain Bird® ESP-LXD Decoder Controller saves time and water through an intuitive user interface and other leading features.

200-Station Capacity
The ESP-LXD offers the ability to expand from 50 stations to up to 200 stations. So you can handle sites large or small, while stocking fewer controllers and components.

Built-In Flow Capability
Flo-Manager® ensures you don’t overtax your water supply, while Flo-Watch™ quickly identifies and isolates high or low flow situations, such as mainline breaks.

Easy Installation
The user-friendliness of Extra Simple Programming cuts programming time, while the spacious cabinet and quick-connect terminals make installation a snap. To make set-up even easier, choose the optional Programming Backup Cartridge.

Backwards Compatibility
Already have a Rain Bird® MDC Two-Wire Decoder? You won’t need to dig up your field decoders. Upgrading to the ESP-LXD is as simple as changing out your MDC Controller.

Optional Weather-Based Control
Save time, money and water by harnessing the weather. Turn the ESP-LXD into a Smart Controller with the ET™ Manager Cartridge. You can also suspend irrigation during rain or high wind events with a Rain/Freeze Sensor or Anemometer.

Central Control Capability
Easily add central control to your ESP-LXD using the NCC Communications Cartridge and IQ™ v2.0 Software. With the ability to start with five base satellites and add satellite capacity as your system grows, IQ v2.0 also offers a full array of advanced features that can help you save even more time and water.

Where to use 2-Wire Decoder Control
• Large commercial sites
• Multi-phase construction and other applications requiring easy expansion
• Sites where efficient system troubleshooting is critical
• Median strips, malls, corporate and college campuses, residential developments



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